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Rotary Cochin City is supplying potable water to the whole village of Kuthirakoor Kari . We are actively involved with the local people to provide them with their immediate needs. Last year we conducted an eye and dental camp for the people of Kari, and undertook corrective eye surgeries including cataract surgeries and also dental implants. While we were there for the medical camp, we were moved by the plight of the people of Kari who did not have a any source of drinking water even in this modern era. The village had no reliable source of clean natural drinking water, though surrounded by water on 3 sides. Two days a week the village got supply of drinking water through tanker lorries, since they did not have access to the normal supply from the water authority. Women and children had to collect the water from tankers and carry it to their homes, and while there was shortage, it often led to small fights amongst the villagers. Rotary Club of Cochin City has now put up a bore well with water treatment plant in this village to provide the much needed drinking water for the 400 odd people from over 72 families. The water supply project includes a bore well, a RO plant to treat the water and a pipe network to supply water to over 20 locations within the village, including the farthest points. The pipe network will be more than 1.2 kilometers long when completed, which means that most of the households get water at their doorstep. Total cost of the project is around Rs.20 lacs. The facility has a capacity of supplying 1500 litres of pure drinking water in an hour, which currently is much more than the requirement of the village.

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